Youngest Ceo At The Age Of 12 Years

Youngest Ceo At The Age Of 12 Years

Today we will discussing about the youngest CEO of India at the age of 12. Yes you read right only at the age of 12.

Once Albert Einstein said Indian people have the sharpest minds. Because when whole world thought that counting is started from 1 to 9 only then India discovered zero.

So today we are talking about the story of Advait Thakur. A mumbai local boy who bacame a CEO at the age of 12 years.. Whereas the children of his age plays video games and other stuffs on television or mobile phones.


Advait was born on february 17, 2003 in mumbai. At the age of 12 years he started his own company known as Apex Infosys India. This company has now worldwide global reach. Few days ago he was certified by Google. He is CEO of the company. Therefore company is doing pretty well in his leadership and grows very fast. From his childhood he has a keen interest in computers. At the minor age of 9 years he develops websites.

Youngest Ceo At The Age Of 12 Years

How He Became Enterpreneur -:

Advait is very good in computers and digital marketing. So he started some paid SEO and SMO services. The firstly he got a client of finance company. He build a web portal for them and got his first earnings from them. From there he becomes a young enterpreneur of internet world. Then he started his own company known as Apex Infosys India. The turnover of this company is now more than 10 lakh per month.

This young boy proves that age is just a number. The way he worked very hard and smartly he deserves the position he holds now. Our country needs to encourage our children in the field technology and internet.

At one of his interview Advait said He want to become like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk in his future.



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