Whatsapp’s New Feature

Whatsapp's New Feature

On wednesday whatsapp introduces a new feature about who can add you in whatsapp group.

Now in privacy options you got one more option about groups. The major problem of nowadays is that many political parties misleading public with fake news and facts. To stop all these on wednesday, 3rd april whatspp updated there features. Now nobody can add you in whatsapp group without your permission. You can add privacy on a contact that he can’t add you in any whatsapp group.

Whatsapp's New Feature

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Indian govt. noticed whatsapp about spreading humours and fake news on whatsapp by the users. They have to took some steps otherwise indian govt decided to ban whatsapp in India. So in last few months whatsapp done many changes in there app. For example you can’t send a msg to more than 5 people together.

Lok sabha elections are also a mojor issue. Because many political parties uses whatsapp as a major marketing platform. They added people to there groups and spread many fake news about the opposition parties which may misleads people.

In normal words we can say that now you can control who can add you in a whatsapp group.



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