The Most Demanding Skills In India

We all know that India is fastest growing economy in the world right now. This growing economy also offers many new startups in India.

With this growing economy many skills will become more and more demanding with the time. According to report by Linkedin the demand of these skills will increase in the future.

1-: Finance -:

The Most Demanding Skills In India

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As we talk about economy the finance sector is basically is the backbone of the economy. Its very hard to get a proffesional job in this field. But there is always an open gate for new talents in this field.

Skills required in finance sector – Relationship Manager, Software Engineer, Sales Manager.

2-: Real Estate -:

The Most Demanding Skills In India

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The real estate sector is growing rapidly from last 40 years. Its offering jobs to many people. But they always looking for some employees with these skills.

Skills required in Real Estate sector – Business Development Manager, Sales Executive.

3-: Entertainment -:

The Most Demanding Skills In India

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With the entry of jio entertainment sector in India becomes very large. Many new platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime started working i India. So they many of the actors and other film making staffs. So this industry will also shines in the future.

Skills required in Entertainment sector – Artists, Photographers, 3D Animators.

4-: Wellness -:

The Most Demanding Skills In India

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Wellness and fitness is the most successful field in last few years. Because with the increase of diseases everyone knows the value of wellness and fitness. Many companies in india working in this field and become succesful. For example – Amway, Forever Living Products.

Skills required in Wellness sector – Network Marketer, Distributor.

5-: Digital Marketing -:

The Most Demanding Skills In India

Digital Marketing is also one of the most growing field in India right now. The demand of digital marketers is very high. With the time this demand will also increase.

Skills required in Digital Marketing sector – Digital Marketer, Seo Specialist, Social Media Marketer.

 As many skills and jobs will increase in future but also there are many jobs that will not exist in the future.

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