See How A Village Based Housewife Earning Rs 8 Lakhs Per Month Online

Succss story of ritu kaushik

The online platforms gives everybody a chance to earn money as well as time. Today we will tell you about how a village based housewife earning Rs 8 lakhs per month online through flipkart. Success story of Ritupal collection.

The story is all about Ritu Kaushik a housewife from Sonipat Haryana. But now she made a big empire online . She saw the potential of e-commerce in India.

How It Started -:

Its all started in 2016 when she registerd herself as a seller on flipkart. She started selling her handcrafted bags online on flipkart under tha name of brand “Ritupal”. And now in 2 years she became one of the top sellers on Flipkart. Her monthly earnings are crossed the figure of Rs 8 lakhs per months. She wanted to increase the earning to 20 lakhs per month by the year 2020.

At present there are many women enterpreneurs in India. 10% of the total enterpreneurs are women. Ritu said that “Maine apne shauk ko hi apna business bna lia”.

Success story of Ritupal collection -:

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She noticed that her most of the friends prefer online shopping nowadays. So she thought about selling her handcrafted bags online. But many of her friends and relatives not approved her business idea. But she ignores everything and started working on her passion. Therefore when she registered she earns approximately Rs 1 lakh in its first month.

She also said that she wants that everybody knows her by her brand name “Ritupal”. Her 70% customers are from south India. She is a big inspiration for all the women in india.



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