Apple Cuts iPhone Prices In India Check Price List

Now finally Apple decided to cut the prices of there iPhones. Because the popularity of iphone decreases everyday.

They launches new products but sales are low at present in India. Now finally they have to take that step.

The New Price List of iPhone XR -:

Apple Cuts iPhone Prices In India Check Price List

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After the reduction in prices the iphone XR is now started from Rs. 59,900 on amazon for 64GB database.

The price of 128GB iphone XR is reduced to Rs 64,900.

The price of 256GB iPhone XR is Rs74,900.

More exciting offers for HDFC credit and debit card holders. They can buy iPhone XR 128GB model in just Rs 58400. Moreover256GB varient is available in just Rs 67400.

Why price cutting and strategy for India -:

Apple knows the value of indian mobile phone maket. They dont want to loose race from chinese smartphone companies. They cut the prices of iPhones that there users can upgrade there older versions of iPhones with the new ones.

Apple Cuts iPhone Prices In India Check Price List

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Moreover they give competion to Samsung’s latest models Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e and S10+. Now if some customers looking to buy One plus 6T or these Samsung phones now they can buy an iPhone XR by spending a little amount.



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