4,600 Engineers, MBAs applied for 14 sweepers posts

The unemployment rate in India is increasing very badly. The main reason is that 60% of the total population is youth in India.

The employment rate in India is reducing since 2012. This unemployment creates a very bad atmosphere in our country. The students who got even good marks in there degrees and diplomas still got no job.

Tamilnadu Incident -:

In september 2018 Chennai’s youth witnessed an unusual event. In which 4800 students applied for the post of only 14 sweepers in Tamilnadu. It becomes very shameful for India when they noticed that 4600 students are Engineers or MBA’s and other masters degree holders who applied for the post of sweepers. Its a very shameful message for the govt of India.

This is one of biggest examples of unemployment rate in india. Govt have to take some serious actions towards this. This is not the first time when these types of things happen India.

In every govt field whenever few vacancies are released by govt. For minimum 10 vacancies over 1 lakh forms are filled. More shocking thing is that they took a high amount as form fees.



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